Photographie Noir et Blanc

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Every so often I’ll get the urge to change everything about my creative process, literally every single thing from the lens, my editing style, the subject matter and anything else you can think of when it comes to making a photograph.

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Most recently I felt that all of my photos should be in black and white, deep blacks and blinding whites. I’ve always loved black and white photography, it’s literally how I got started, a 35mm film camera in the 10th grade. There’s always been strong emotional connection to making black and white images, I appreciate the feelings that can evoke from the viewer.

Additionally I find that black and white photography is ideal for street photography, because the focus should be on the people, their actions, their emotions. I find that colors can be distracting, they can trigger their own responses to any image that is almost independent of the focal point of the story.

This collection of photos was captured in New York City during the July 4th weekend.


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