Summer League

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So much more than an activity to keep kids active during the summer, growing up summer leagues were one of the most important social functions of the year. It’s because the playing field was wide open, we weren’t restricted to only playing on teams with the kids in our schools, this was our opportunity to link up with some of the best talent in the city. It was common for some kids to play in upwards of 3 leagues, between the various church and local neighborhood organizations.

As an adult looking back, summer leagues are where I learned/developed a great deal of my social skills, how to be on a team, how to communicate under pressure and most importantly how to push myself beyond my limits. There’s nothing like be benched on a summer league team, that essentially means you’re just working on your tan while you watch your friends get busy on the court. 

When I found this court I didn’t intend on making this photo set, I honestly just stumbled upon it but I was immediately reminded of my childhood. The perspectives or vantage points I’m sharing in this photo set are locations on the court that would be my “go to spots”, to be honest I wasn’t the best baller so I stayed around the parameter and I leveraged my jump shot most of the time.

If you’ve ever played in a summer league, or a league outside your school I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of walking onto a court and immediately thinking back to when you used to crush it on the court. 

I’ll definitely be returning to this court again to make more photos, I love that it’s on the water.


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