The Records, Vol. 1

The Records No Boarder.jpg

I’ve been romanticizing the way things “used to be” for couple days now. The way music sounds when I play vinyl, the way film photos look – even the process of taking photos with a film camera, I appreciate not having the ability to look at a screen to see how the images came out.

This morning I woke up with the urge to play some records, I was anxious to feel those melodies and curious about how they would inspire me for the day. 

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The Records 4 No Boarder.jpg
The Records 3 No Boarder.jpg

I think it’s a continuation of the energy I developed yesterday, I spent good part of that afternoon playing tunes from Al Green, Isaac Hayes and The Ohio Players. It all started when I found myself humming the melody to “Pusherman” by Curtis Mayfield, and that transitioned into a 2 hour jam session via various Spotify playlists.

Although my record collection is still growing, there are a couple gems that I really appreciate owning. Almost all of my records so far have come from small record shops in small towns in rural states, that’s just a random note. But, it really makes me appreciate those long road trips, and the discovery process that happens from visiting small shops in small town. (Also, Small Towns Have Delicious Donuts!)

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The Records 6 No Boarder.jpg

Enough with my chatter, enjoy your day, and I hope the soundtrack to your day inspires you to do something amazing. 


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