Kicking It With Gary

Caught up with Gary to capture some street images last Friday. I think we both found a few of new locations for future shoots throughout downtown and the southend of Bridgeport. 

We spent a lot of time talking about photography, but I highly regret not talking to him about the upcoming Little Brother record. We both draw inspiration from music so it’s almost always a given that at some point we’ll talk about verses, albums and who’s underrated. But knowing that we both really appreciate that true “hip-hop” sound I was actually looking forward to getting his take on their forthcoming album. 

I’ll address the elephant in the post, yes, I captured more photos of his shoes than of him. We’re both sneaker enthusiasts, so when I saw those extremely clean Jordan 11s it was a borderline compulsive reaction to start photographing his shoes. 

Gary has a few really interesting projects on the horizon that I won’t spoil, I respect his artistry and the way he releases work. I encourage you to get familiar with him via the links below and follow him on Instagram to stay current with his moves. 

Gary May 24th-2.jpg
Gary May 24th.jpg
Gary May 24th-6.jpg
Gary May 24th-5.jpg
Gary May 24th-7.jpg
Brandon Smith