The Recinos Tape B-Sides

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Still putting the FujiFilm X100F through its paces, and admittedly I’m still exploring all of the functions that the camera offers.

One of the main reasons I was interested in this X100F, and FujiFilm overall, was the face detection and being able to get a realtime exposure preview. I’m natively a DSLR user, so my process would typically start by getting my settings to where I think they should be, fire off a test shot and look to see how my exposure (and composition) came out on the rear LCD screen. I’ve always felt that this process was a bit tedious, and it made culling more laborious and unpleasant. 

This set of photos which I named “The Recinos B-Sides” is a collection of images that didn’t make the cut for the series you can see here.

Daniel BW-3.jpg
Daniel BW-4.jpg

I spent a lot of time with the X100F capturing street and architectural photos before this session, so I was familiar with device but like I mentioned I really wanted to see how I could use it for a portrait session. 

I wasn’t at all disappointed the results of the shoot, and the biggest WIN for me was the amount of photos I didn’t take, being able to see my exposure before I clicked the shutter changed the game for me completely. The face detection feature is cool, and I’m still figuring out the best scenarios for how I’ll use it but during this session I was pleasantly surprised by how much it helped out.

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Daniel BW-9.jpg
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I’ll end this by saying that the X100F makes me want to take photos, it’s so reminiscent of my film camera in all the right ways, and the image quality is great. Honestly in 2019 any camera will produce great images, I think what it really comes down to is how the camera makes you feel and if it promotes creativity or creates moments of hesitation. 

This photo set features Daniel Recinos, a multi-talented content creator, his work can be seen here.


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