Daily Commute: 032919

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I’ve been a commuter for all of my life, riding the rails is how I get around and in most scenarios it’s my preference. People watching becomes a natural pass time for mass transit commuters, serving dual purposes as part safety and part curiosity. Separately, as a photographer I see moments as individual statements, meaning I see things as frames - which of course influences my style of photography. 

The photos in this post are a direct output of what and how I see things as I wait for the train everyday. These images exemplify what commuting is like - it’s either heads down or high alert and movement. 

What’s more interesting is that most commuters are both individual riders and communal travelers. It’s not uncommon to see commuters form super temporary friendship based on shared commuting patterns, we’ll recognize when some we often travel with is absent or in the wrong place because they missed an announcement. But, I can go on and on about my people watching experiences, so enjoy the photos and come up with your narrative for these situations.


Brandon SmithComment