Experience Bridgeport

It’s never easy describing Bridgeport, it features a little bit of everything, it’s an aspirational city with strong blue collar roots and genuine people. When people ask me about living in Bridgeport, I’ll often say “It’s a really charming place”, or “it’s kind of hard to describe, it’s a place you really have to experience”, but I know that really doesn’t say anything.

There is something truly special about Bridgeport, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is and depending on where you are in the city and who you ask you’ll get a different answer about why Bridgeport is so special - which is great thing in my opinion

What I’ve always loved about Bridgeport is the amount of diversity crammed into roughly 20 mile wide city, there are so many different ethnic communities that are thriving in the city.

I’m very proud of Bridgeport, the city and the people, we're making great strides towards becoming a top tier city in Connecticut.

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Bridgeport Is Beautiful 2 - NB.jpg

As a faithful citizen of Bridgeport I feel it’s my duty to shine a little light on all of the charm and character that has developed over the years. Starting today I’ll be sharing photos that highlight Bridgeport, every photo will be tagged with #ExperienceBPT. 

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I encourage anyone who loves, appreciates and enjoys the city of Bridgeport to participate by sharing photos using the hashtag.


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